Becoming a US Citizen

There are four different ways one can become a US citizen and navigating through these ways can be complex and confusing for many, there are different requirements that have to be met in order to become eligible and one has to comply, there aren’t any concessions when it comes to fulfilling the requirements, there are four ways one can become a US citizen, First of all if you are born in US and or you have parents who are US nationals, that is citizenship through parents, it still requires to prove your identity and has requirements of stay in the country, secondly you can get a US citizenship through military, serving in US military grants you US citizenship and honestly it is not as simple as it sounds.

Citizenship through naturalization and citizenship through marriage are the other ways of becoming US national, and these are the most commonly opt ways, no matter what way you choose you will have to comply with residency requirements, personal requirements, and then there is biometric appointment which includes details regarding your personal information, once you have completed these requirements you then go through the citizenship test and then the citizenship interviews, you cannot cruise through these steps as these are very complex and time consuming and you’ll have to be prepared to spend money as well.

US citizenship with attorney help is something that you must take seriously, having the right attorney by your side will make all the difference, even if the fee is bothering you right now you’ll be thankful that you chose to go with an attorney rather than taking the agents head on all alone, you might not be able to prepare the right documents and your quest to become a US national might end there and you’ll have to start over again.

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