Best smartphone apps in 2020/2021

Smartphones and mobile phones have definitely become one of the key segments of our lives. In their beginnings, smartphones were simple communication devices for calls and SMS messages, and today, thanks to numerous applications, they have been turned into a real little “Swiss Army knife” of digital technology. Today, there are almost 3 million applications on the Google Play Store, and almost every day new ones appear and existing ones are updated. For this reason, choosing the app that will best suit your wants and needs can be confusing. That is why in this blog we present you the most useful Android applications in 2020.

One of the most useful latest apps in 2020

One of the best recent Android apps to appear on the Google Play Store is Health Sync. If you use technological innovations to stay up to date with your health and fitness programs, then this application is the right solution for you! Namely, there are many applications for fitness and exercise. However, the big problem with all of them is that if they are on the same device, they do not communicate with each other at all, which can disrupt your fitness data.

Health Sync lets you sync all your data between Google Fit and Samsung Health, or sync a host of other services with one of these apps. At the same time, Health Sync allows you to choose different services for different types of data. For example, you can sync your weight from Withings Health Mate to Samsung Health. You can sync your sleep rhythm from Oura to Google Fit. You can sync your workout form from Samsung Health to Google Fit. Yes, it’s that simple!

The most useful Android applications in 2020 for photo editing

Glitch Lab

This application, as a unique photo editor, has numerous digital glitch effects. It will make your photos look a little retro and has many options for this type of editing. There are more than 100 different effects in this Android app and most of them are customizable.


Very fun app. Do anything in Doodle, then point the camera at Doodle and make the animation you want.


With this app you will be able to easily replace your default camera app. Pixtica has many options and filters, GIF recorder, panorama view, hyperlapse and many other options.


Photo editor that allows you to add animations to your photos in different ways.

Moment – Pro Camera

Great app that has a lot of options for manual settings. With it, you can take photos exactly the way you want them.


An application that allows you to adjust the tone, saturation, shading, light balance and color as you wish, with the ability to add filters and other effects.

LightX Photo Editor

Merge photos, sharpen them, crop them, rotate them, draw on them, add effects and filters, through a selective selection of different colors, using this application.

The most useful Android applications in 2020 for education

Women Who Changed the World

Women have played a large part in the creation of history and historical events, but their significance is often neglected in contemporary literature. This app changes that radically, so you can use it to learn who the most famous women in history were.

Time Immersive

An app that helps users have a new, more engaging and comprehensive way to interact with journalism.

Elements of Photography

If you want to improve your knowledge of photography and how to take photos, as well as take it to a higher level, then this application is the solution for you.

Fluent Forever

One of the fastest growing applications for learning foreign languages ​​with a serious and less fun approach.


Learn how to best grow the plants you love in your home.


An app that will definitely teach you how to play the piano! It can also give you feedback on your playing by having Flowkey, through the microphone of your phone, without a USB cable, “listen” to you play the piano.

Learn Java Pro

Learn how to encode in one of the best programming languages.

Learn Spanish with Lyrics

Learn Spanish through songs!

Mobile Observatory 3 Pro – Astronomy

The application is made as a comprehensive astronomical device, which will help you see every detail in the sky.


An application that will give you lessons from almost all spheres of life – from cooking, through acting, to creative writing, but also much more than that.

The best Android entertainment apps


One of the latest video streaming applications that has conquered the market in a short time. That is why it is one of the most useful Android applications in 2020.

Disney +

An app that gives you direct access to Disney’s TV content library that you can watch from your phone or tablet.


A unique application that enables game streaming for video games. At the same time, it allows you to play computer video games on your phone, TV, laptop and tablet.

YouTube Kids

A unique application for children that has narrowed the Youtube content and exclusively adapted it for our little ones.

Trill Project

Mysterious and anonymous social network that allows you to follow the content you want, correspond with people, post content, respond to other people’s content…


Find your favorite book and write your impression, recommendation and review about it using this app!


By aligning itself between the game and the Android app, Unrd allows you to “live someone else’s life” by placing a fake interface on your screen that belongs to another person.


An app that is similar to eBay, but with a focus on second hand and vintage clothing and footwear, which is, in fact, a refreshing change in the fashion world.

VLC for Android

Probably one of the best video player apps for Android.

Unique Android applications for health, nutrition and training

Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness

If your child has problems sleeping and going to bed, this application will help him.


An application that will help you sleep better and create a perfect sleep schedule.

Vanilla Bean

An app to help you find vegan and vegetarian restaurants and options near you.


An app to help you never snore again.


Believe it or not, this app takes care of your physical and mental health in the best way.


A fantastic meditation app that will relax your mind and body!


Put your finger on the phone’s camera and this application will measure your heart rate, heart rate and notice any irregularities and abnormalities in your blood pressure.

Mission Adventure

Make your walking route the best way with this app.


If you have a problem with depression, anxiety and other similar mental problems, Wisdo will help you share that experience with other people and solve the problem.

The most useful Android applications in 2020 for music and audio

Spotify Kids

An application with music content adapted exclusively for children.

Audio Manager

An application that will help you, after you finally fall asleep, absolutely no one disturbs you! But in a completely different way than the one you are used to.

Muviz Edge

An app that adds visuals to your music as you listen to it around the edges of your phone.

Volume Panel Pro

An app that is the perfect replacement for the standardized volume and tone controls on your phone.

Pocket Casts

An app that has been on the Play Store for a long time and is one of the most useful Android apps in 2020, because it is now finally free!


An application that gives you access to most podcasts that you know and love, but which also has its own exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else.

The best Android apps in 2020 for mobile phone security and protection

Clario: Security & Privacy

A comprehensive application that will make all web activities private and password protected.


The best VPN security app. Everything you do on your computer is reserved for your eyes only.


An application that will improve the experience of using Android. Greater control in the use of the screen, rotation of the display by 90, 180 or 270 degrees and the like.

Vivaldi Browser Beta

An Internet browser that is very customizable and full of very thoughtful and designed functions.

Tor Browser

The most secure privacy-focused web browser. It has multi-layer encryption, and Internet traffic is encrypted three times.

MIUI-ify Notification Shade

An application used to switch application positions. Perfect for big phones and small hands, because now every corner of the screen will be available to you.

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper

The best interactive wallpaper you can install on your phone.

Abstruct – Wallpapers in 4K

4K phone wallpapers will make you crazy.

App Tiles

It gives you the ability to add a shortcut to various settings on the screen. App Tiles is certainly one of the most useful Android applications in 2020.


Android application that improves the security of your phone. Protects against hackers and viruses.


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