Carpet Cleaning Advice: Which Carpets to Avoid

Everyone needs advice every once in a while, even if they are of the opinion that they are fully formed adults who don’t need to learn anything else about the world at any given point in time. One thing that you would most definitely need advice for at some point or another over the course of your life involves cleaning your Persian rug. This rug can be placed in your living room, your bedroom or even your den. You can also try to use a wall to wall carpet if you prefer, but regardless your need for advice would remain consistent in some way, shape or form.

The most important thing that you would need advice for while using a Humble carpet cleaner is which carpets you should avoid. After all, different carpets can be made in very unique and distinct ways, and this makes it necessary to recognize these differences because some of them are so pronounced that they can make traditional carpet cleaning methods downright damaging and harmful.

In most cases, a synthetic fiber rug is safe to clean, but you need to be careful if your rug is made of organic fibers. These fibers are less resistant to damage and fraying. While they are most definitely a lot more comfortable, this ends up making them prone to damage as well so you should be exceedingly cautious lest you ruin them. Their expensive nature makes being careful an even more critical thing for you to focus on, and you should only use hot water extraction on them since this is the gentlest cleaning method as well as being the most efficacious one for rugs like these.

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