How Much Time Do I Have Left on my Parking Meter?

Some travel apps seem, well, as if we might not really need them. But then again, we salute the inventors of all travel apps, and this one might just sell some volume. It was described in the blog app Smitten, and it’s for all of those times that you park your car and wonder if you still have money left on the meter. The app is called HONK!

For this we present the Parking Meter app, which lets you set the time the meter is due and provides a nice little alarm when the money runs down. Hey, this might be something I’d download for free, but I am not sure I’d fork over that $1.99 to own it. Some times I have to wonder if I really need all of the apps on my iPhone.

Today I went to update my phone’s apps and it told me that I didn’t have enough resources to do so. So do I really need an app to measure how much time is left on my meter, or should I just set the neato little timer on the phone to do the exact same thing?

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