How Much to Charge For Pressure Washing And Staining a Deck

A common trend that can be noticed among consumers all around the world is their desire to purchase the full service package instead of settling for half measures. If we were to discuss the pressure washing industry more specifically, this usually entails customers asking their services providers to not just power  clean their surfaces but also to take care of subsequent activities that are necessary to complete the process at the end of the day.

For example, if you wanted an expert in power washing near me to come and pressure wash your deck, suffice it to say that you would want them to stain it as well due to the reason that this is usually mandatory since the previous stain coating will have been washed clean off. This will obviously make your service charges higher, but it’s most definitely a valuable thing to spend your money on given how little grief you would have to endure should you decide to pay for it. Generally speaking, pressure washing charges for a deck are around a hundred dollars, and if you want the professional to come back to stain your deck that will likely set you back another hundred.

This makes the grand total of the pressure washing and staining gig around two hundred dollars, although there is a chance that your service provider might give you fifty dollars off because of the fact that this might make you their regular customer. They would need to come back a few days later which is why the extra cost is so high, but it takes the burden off of your shoulders so you should still go for it.

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