Professional Cleaning Methods Used By Carpet Cleaners

Homeowners ask many questions regarding the type of cleaning materials and cleaning methods used by professionals to clean their carpets.

While professional methods require lots of experience and tools to be executed perfectly, we will still mention some of the most reliable carpet cleaning methods used by Friendswood carpet cleaning companies. However, we highly recommend that you let the professionals use these methods on your carpets, as they need a high level of skill set and perfect techniques.

Hot Water Technique

The hot water technique, also known as the steam cleaning method is one of the most reliable cleaning methods used by carpet cleaning companies these days.

In this technique, hot water is pumped through your carpets with high pressure to break down any dust buildup in them while also killing any bacterial growth.

After bombarding the carpets with hot water, strong vacuums are used to suck out most of the water quickly. This partially dries your carpets, and cuts down the drying time by a huge margin.

There are many different types of cleaning chemicals used in this process, and the chemicals depend on the type of fibers used to make your carpets.

Bonnet Technique

In this technique, the surface of your carpet is the main focus of the cleaning process. Machines with soft rollers are used in this technique, and the rollers are first soaked in a cleaning solution. With the help of these rollers, the upper surface of your carpets is made shinier and brighter once again.

While the Bonnet Technique hardly touches the deep layer of accumulated dirt, it is mostly used by big hotels which need to freshen up their carpets quickly. This technique is actually one of the fastest carpet cleaning methods out there.

These were some of the most commonly used carpet cleaning methods by professionals.

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