The Top Five Apps Every Traveler Needs

In the age of technology, it’s no surprise that smartphone applications have been created with technology in mind. From flights and hotel to food and communication, your cell phone can be a huge help anytime you travel with the following apps:

Google Translate

Google Translate allows immediate translation via text for over 50 languages. Additionally, Google Translate is able to interpret over 15 languages spoken into the voice input of your phone and translate them as well. Over 30 languages are also covered in Google Translate’s Text-to-speech program, so you’ll never have to worry about pronouncing a word wrong with this application.

Google translate was also built with the constant traveler in mind: users are able to search through their history and star translations they think they will need later on. The application also contains dictionaries with translations for over 30 languages, making it easy to find out all possible translations for one word quickly.

Let’s Go

Let’s Go is an application every traveler with a budget needs. Travelers can use Let’s Go to find affordable activities, restaurants, bars, stores, and hotels in any city they go to. They can also use the applications GPS and map functions to plan their trip beforehand.

One of the best things about this application is that it also works in offline mode, saving users money from roaming and connection costs in different countries.The application also includes a suggested itinerary for each city along with information about neighborhoods and where there are free things to do.

TripIt Travel Organizer

Do you ever get confused with all of your flight information? Don’t look further than the TripIt Travel Organizer. This application scans your email and syncs all of the important information from flight confirmations to the application and your phone’s calendar. You can also forward car rental, hotel, and restaurant confirmation emails to and the application will create an itinerary for you.

On top of this, the TripIt Travel Organizer can give you directions from the airport to the hotel and estimate how long it will take, making traveling easier in new locations. The application will also provide you with weather information and maps for all of your destinations, and it will allow you to share this information on social media.

Packing Pro

No need to stress about packing. Using the Packing Pro application, you’ll be told exactly what to do and bring for your trip. By inputting the number of children, male adults, female adults, and the length of the trip, the application will let you know how much of each item you should bring. Additionally, you can include details like the destination’s temperature, whether or not the destination is international, and whether or not you’ll need to prepare your own food to get an even more specific packing list.

Private WiFi

When you’re going on a long trip, you’ll probably need to go on the internet a few times to at least check your email. If you’re using public wifi, you need to download the Private WiFi application.

This application runs in the background, protecting your passwords, bank accounts, and other sensitive information. Private WiFi blocks hackers, enabling you to plan your travels and book accommodations without worry.

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