What Color Nozzle For Car Washing With a Pressure Washer

When you watch the professionals performing a pressuring washing session on a car you usually see them using a green color nozzle and people ask why that is so and is it the only color nozzle you should use to pressure wash cars, green nozzles are commonly used and many experts believe that this is the perfect type of nozzle for pressure washing a car, for those who have little to no knowledge on why that is so but want to learn all about it should continue reading this article, there is a lot of care and attention given to the selection of nozzle by the power washing companies Katy when pressure washing any surface, wall or even a vehicle and there are obvious reasons why that is so, for a green nozzle, it has the following features which makes it perfect for a good car wash,

  1. It has a perfect spray pattern of 25 degrees which is recommended by the experts, anything less or more than this doesn’t suit the wash as this does.
  2. A green nozzle has a moderately powerful spray which ensures that the paint is not damaged, having little dust particles on the surface and using excessive force to clear them can cause damage to the paint and using moderately powerful spray is exactly what you must do.
  3. It produces a flushing and sweeping effect which smoothly drops out and doesn’t stay on the car, it quickly dries out which makes doesn’t let rust and dampness to come in.

There are a number of things that can go wrong, for the less experienced it is best that they get a professional service provider to work for them.

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