What Does a NDIS Support Coordinator Do?

Living in this modern day and age might seem frustrating to some, but suffice it to say that if you had been born just a couple of centuries prior you would have had a much harder time feeling satisfied with your existence. There are countless social programs out there that can create a bit of a safety net that would never allow anyone to have to live in poverty, and perhaps the single most incredible representation of this is the NDIS in Australia.

The NDIS is arguably something that the whole world should have at this current point in time. It allows people to get both medical assistance and care along with financial support that can go a really long way in terms of helping them heal and continue living their life with joy and vigor. When we organised ndis support services, we learned that there are people known as NDIS support coordinators whop lay a crucial role in helping people actually avail this insurance scheme without having to face an unfair amount of trouble along the way.

The job of these coordinators is twofold. Firstly, they will assess your needs and see if you are eligible for the program in the first place. Once you are deemed eligible, the next thing that they would end up focusing on would be helping you get the resources that you require from the service. It would be really unsettling if people with disabilities had to traverse the treacherous terrain of government bureaucracy without some outside assistance, so it’s amazing that there are coordinators that can give them all of the information they need and make the process easier for them.

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