What Size Marquee Do I Need For 200 Guests?

There are a lot of mistakes that people happen to make when they are searching for the single most perfect marquee for their desired goals and aspirations, and these mistakes can often become rather annoying hurdles that would prevent people from being as happy as they would ideally prefer. Learning about these mistakes can go a really long way towards helping you avoid making them yourself, and one of the most prominent and frequently made errors in this regard involves getting a marquee that is either too small or too big.

Suffice it to say that you need to make sure that your marquee is of the perfect size, and the best way to figure out what you should ask Outdoor Instant Shelters to provide to you is to first calculate how many guests you are expecting. If this number is close to two hundred, you need to get a marquee that is at least eighty feet wide. The height of this tent will be similar to what smaller tents offer, namely forty feet or so, due to the reason that extra height does not provide any meaningful benefits at all.

It is really important to avoid overshooting or underestimating your tent size. A tent that is too small will fail to accommodate people in a comfortable enough manner, whereas a tent that is far too large might make your event seem sparsely populated and downright boring. You need to at the very least try to hit the bull’s eye, and giving Outdoor Shelters a call can help you to know where this bull’s eye might be located to improve your chances of hitting it square on.

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